Local Scraper 7 Major Release

Its been awhile since we had a major release and this one is the one we are most proud of, definitely the best Local Scraper yet! Version 7 has been out in public for a 2 months now and we have been working hard to squash those bugs and add improvements based on your feedback so we thought it was time to make it official!

Version 6 served us well for a year but due to a windows update issue many users could no longer open the program anymore. This put the fire under us here to rush ahead and finalize version 7 much sooner than expected and boy are we glad we did. So here is what has changed!

The entire program was recreated from the ground up, the program loads faster, works faster and is 10x more stable than before. Absolutely everything is brand new, updated, and optimized. All of your favorite scrapers are there google maps scraper, yelp scraper, bing maps scraper and all of the others that you used before in version 6.

If you are new to scraping now is a great time to get started and your free trial will give you a chance to try before you buy, no worries there! To all of our customers thank you for your support and feedback making the launch of version 7 better than ever. We will continue to work hard to provide the best lead scraping software on the market into 2022!