Local Scraper Windows Beta Launch

Cat helping code.

While trying to improve Local Scraper I learned that the current coding system was limiting out ability to make the best scraper possible. I had found a massive way to improve Google Quick but it needed some new tech. The only way to get this working was to yet again recreate Local Scraper in a way that would allow us to pull it off.

That new version is now available to customers! Eventually the Windows client will need to be moved to this new system but for now we are allowing users to use both as they see fit. The Beta has all of the same abilities as the normal version just it may have some bugs that usually get fixed over time. It also doesn’t have an auto updater yet, so when its updated you would need to install the program again. It still has work to be done to it to finish it off before it replaces the normal version but it’s good to go for all customers to try out!

The main reason you want to grab the Windows beta version is because of the new Google Maps Quick Scraper! This is our best Google maps scraper yet! No seriously you should be using this scraper over all the other google maps scrapers now. It gets 48 columns of data! 99% of what Google Full was getting but at 120x the speed of Google Full. As of now the only detail that Google Full gets that the new Quick can’t get is the text of the 3 user reviews that Google Full gets in the program. If you didn’t need these 3 user reviews then Google Quick in the Beta version is 100% better and should be your main focus.