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Home Advisor is one of the webs largest sites for contractors and professionals. They feature tens of thousands of real Customer Reviews who are paying for the leads that Home Advisor sends them. These businesses are the perfect clients because they have already shown that they will pay for leads sent to them! If you want to build anything remotely similar then these are the businesses you want to talk to!

That's why I built the Home Advisor scraper. I want to enable you the to have access to these companies. After over 5 years in the scraping business I know what I am doing and the Home Advisor Scraper is one of the most advanced scrapers I have made. Home Advisor Scraper doesn't get basic information like other similar products. Those other guys just give you 5-6 columns of data. My Home Advisor Scraper gives you a whopping 61 columns of data. You heard right! This isn't just some gimmick where I only give you the address. With Home Advisor Scraper you get things like the businesses license number, real user reviews and ratings, descriptions, categories, and more.

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But that isn't all. I even go a step further! Do you want the real business phone number? I don't mean the one Home Advisor gives you. That is a fake number that connects you to home advisors call center. My Home Advisor Scraper will actually go to Google and try and find the real website and phone number for the business. A number that you can actually call and not get connected to Home Advisor. Think of the possibilities for your company if you could simply call them up.

Program Features

Home Advisor Scraper is fully loaded with all the features you need to scrape successfully.

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Full Proxy and VPN Support

Proxy and VPN support for anonymous scraping allowing you to scrape even more and for longer.

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Super Fast Scraping

We grab data directly from the search result page so you are getting 30 results per page instantly to a csv.

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Easy to use CSV Exports

We auto save all of your data into easy to use and import csv files. Supported by Excel and most CRM systems

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More Data Than Anyone

Here is a small sample Excel CSV showing you all of the data that you could have at your command. 61 columns of data! All contact details, major service categories, ratings, reviews, and real phone numbers!

  • Name
  • Address
  • Descriptions
  • Phone
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Business License
  • Major Services
  • Categories
  • Real User Reviews
  • Real User Ratings
  • And More!

Home Advisor Sample CSV


What Client's Say

Pricing Table

No Hidden Charges.
Choose Your Best Plan.

Clients and Counting

We know that not every job is the same that’s why we provide two easy pricing options for customers. You can now tailor your subscription to better fit the size and scale of your scraping project. If you have a small scraping job or want to try out the program before committing long term then the one-month subscription is right for you. If you are interested in gathering more data consider the one year package and take advantage of the savings. Both options give you the same great scraper and support so there is no wrong choice!

* Local Scraper is a desktop software and supports Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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One Month Pricing

Most Popular
$19.99 Per Month (Monthly Subscription)
  •   No API Credits
  •   Great for Short Term Projects
  •   Auto-Billed Once Per Month
  •   Cancel at Any Time
  •   7 Supported Sites, 11 Scrapers
  •   Guaranteed Support and Updates
  •   Install on 2 Computers
  •   MacOS and Windows Supported
  •   No Result Limits
  •   Full Proxy and VPN Support
  •   30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  •   Latest Update on April 28th 2024
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Six Month Pricing

$15.99 Per Month (6 Month Subscription)
  •   No API Credits
  •   Save $24 off Monthly Pricing
  •   Auto-Billed Every Six Months
  •   Cancel at Any Time
  •   7 Supported Sites, 11 Scrapers
  •   Guaranteed Support and Updates
  •   Install on 2 Computers
  •   MacOS and Windows Supported
  •   No Result Limits
  •   Full Proxy and VPN Support
  •   30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  •   Latest Update on April 28th 2024

Our Home Advisor Scraper

How We Scrape Home Advisor

Our scraper will mimic real human users and uses the same technology that web browsers use. We first browser the search results page of your Home Advisor search URL, we then gather all of the listings to scrape later, the scraper will then proceed though each results page until there are no more pages. Finally, the scraper will start visiting each business listing page. This is where we are able to scrape the data. As soon as you start to see data in the bottom of the program the data will start being saved to an easy-to-use csv file.

Home Advisor Scraper Proxies

Home Advisor has some pretty mean anti-scraper protections but that won’t stop us. It just means that you will need to use special proxy services if you plan or large scrapes. The general idea is that you need as many proxies as possible, so if one is blocked you just rotate to the next one to continue the scrape. The best way to do this is with a ‘rotating proxy service’. These types of services give you IP address to connect to, but each time you connect to it they automatically choose a new proxy to use from their pool of proxies. The benefit of this is that this kind of service will give you access to tens or hundreds of thousands of proxies for share proxy prices. If you are not used to this don’t worry! Our readme page will explain everything you need to know and we recommend a few companies. If that isn’t enough you can email use for support at any time.

No APIs and No Credits

With our Home Advisor Scraper, you own the scraper and it runs on your computer. Unlike other sites we don’t charge you per scrape, we don’t charge based on a number of results. There are no extra costs other than your subscription and possibly proxies. You can scrape a unlimited number of pages from Home Advisor any time you like, our generous license system even allows you to run the program on 2 separate computers at the same time.

Don’t have time to Scrape?

Still want Google Maps Data but don’t want to spend the time scraping it yourself? We can help! We have an existing database will millions of listings from Google Maps already scraped. We may already have the data you are looking for. Buying it directly from us could save you tons of time on your project. We can also run the scraper for you gathering fresh data. Contact us and tell us about your project and needs and we can tell you how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local Scraper is a Subscription?
Local Scraper requires constant updates to continue to always have a 100% working solution. The program has near weekly updates and is always a work in progress. To offer the best product to our customers we need to stay on top of site changes and updates. So unlike other products your subscription guarantees your scrapers are always up to date and 100% working. Customers can UnSubscribe at any time from your PayPal account.
Can I run Local Scraper on my Mac?
How are results saved/exported?
Am I limited to X results?
What updates and support can I expect to receive?
Do I need proxies?
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