What is a Web Scrapper?

What exactly is a web scrapper and how can it help your business? First let’s set a broad definition of what a web scraper is. For our use a ‘web scraper’ is a script or program that we can run that will visit a targeted website and collect specific details from that website. They can be run on your personal computer, on a cloud server, or even as a browser addon. You can also write them in almost any programming language. 

As an example, let’s say you want the name and address of all of the café’s from google maps in your city. One way you could do this is to click on each listing and then copy and paste the details into a spreadsheet. If you only needed 20 listings then this solution may work for your needs. But if your city has 200, 400, or even 5000 listings you wanted to save then it probably isn’t worth your time to sit and copy each listing one-by-one.

This is where a Lead Scraper like Local Scraper will come into play. Our web scraper will automate this whole process for you. Think of it as fancy system that will click on each listing for you and them copy and paste the details you want right into a spreadsheet. We are doing the same process that you could do manually but we can do it up to 35 times faster and totally hands off. We are able to do this because a Web Scraper isn’t a person behind a desk but an automated program which can work much faster than a human and even multi task many times over what a human could do. What may take you hours of work can be done in minutes for a web scraper. 

A single program like Local Scraper can replace a whole office of 35 humans all copy and pasting data. That is why a web scraper is such an amazing program and such a valuable asset to many businesses. Would you rather pay $8 a month or the salary of 35 humans per month? 

Local Scraper can includes these scrapers Google Maps Scraper, Yelp Scraper, Yahoo Local Scraper, Yellow Pages Scraper, Bing Maps Scraper and several other sites. All of these are pre-programed into the program so it knows exactly the routine to follow and exactly what to save from each page. You need to do no programing or even know what is going on. With Local Scraper all you need to do is tell it what you are looking for and click a single button. The scraper will spring into action and in just a few minutes it will start saving the data that it found directly to your computer. If this sounds like something your business could use I invite you to visit our home page to learn more on how you can get started with your own web scraper.