New Local Scraper Blog

Welcome to Local Scraper’s new blog! Its been a long time coming but its finally here. I plan on using this blog to post scraping tutorials, news updates, and program change logs.

I am currently working on making more videos using the program and will begin posting them soon. These will be titled “Your First Scrape with X” and I will be doing a video for each scraper/product I make. I hope that these new videos will help users know more about the specific scraper they will be using the most while still learning about the other scrapers and products I offer.

I also know that many users have had problems not knowing what is new or fixed in each program update. Creating a text change log just didn’t work and no one really opened the files to read them. So major program updates and fixes will be posted to this blog so everyone can keep up to date.

I will begin posting tutorials soon and this blog will serve as a major part of the Local Scraper network in the new year.