Local Scraper 4.171 – Ext Browser and Fixes

Local Scraper has been updated! Below is what has changed.

Google Maps Scraper has been updated since Google now gives 20 results per page instead of 10. Also with this change we are able to use our hidden PhantomJS browser like we did before. So the program will now default to PhantomJS when using Google Quick and Full. But if this browser does not work for your needs you now have two other options! So in the scraper settings you will see a new drop down that allows you to pick from Google Chrome, Firefox, and PhantomJS.

Yelp Scraper Full has also been updated back to our original scraper. This scraper is now multi-threaded again for faster scraping. It is highly recommended that you still use proxies with this scraper.

Open the scraper and allow it to update to get the latest version of the program.