Home Advisor Scraper Updated – 1.7

Our Home Advisor Scraper has been updated! The current version is now 1.7. If you are an existing customer simply open you program and allow it to auto update. If you are interested in scraping home advisor and not a customer then click here.

Here is what is new in 1.7

1) We have added the ability to check both Google and Yahoo Local now for offsite business details. What this feature allows you to do is search google and now yahoo local for the real phone number of the business and find the business website. Home Advisor gives you an internal phone number so they capture the lead. So we need to get the real business phone number else where. You can use either or both sites to try and find these details.

2) Find Emails! This has been a feature request of customers for awhile now and its finally part of our Home Advisor scraper. If you check this box the program will visit the business website if you have one and then try to find a publicly listed email to scrape. Home Advisor does not give out business website details so before you can use this feature you must use the ‘Scrape Offsite’ feature mentioned above. If the scraper finds a email at google or yahoo and this box is check it will go to the business website. If we were unable to find a website in either google or yahoo this feature has no where to go so no email is scraped.

I hope everyone enjoys the new features we added to the scraper and thanks for everyone’s feedback on items they wanted added to the program.